It’s Knitting Time in the City

In August while at Jo-Ann Fabrics perusing the yarn section I found a few treasures… skeins of discontinued yarn colors with an easy pattern. I was elated to take on the challenge of knitting until I realized I didn’t own the necessary needles and I forgot how to knit.😕 For some reason knitting techniques are taking longer to become second nature yet I am determined to become an avid knitter. So off to YouTube to brush up on casting on, casting off and the direction for knitting vs purling.


Currently,  I am knitting during my lengthy commute and creating One Skein Wonders. I want to share this nuance of My Journey with you. So I will blog about the patterns I’m trying and my prospective on crafting through the medium of yarn. 


Big Twist Chunky Thistle



My Screen Pass Life, Exposed

Good Day Lovely People!

Thanks to my extended family I have entered the world of Movie Screening Connoisseurs.  In the span of five months I have attended twenty-nine pre-screenings. My gateway into this lifestyle was through receiving extra tickets from family members. They would offer any additional tickets they could not use on social media. Soon I began inquiring about how they received passes so they sent me links to websites offering screening passes. I keep a list of most of the websites, subscribing to their newsletters, email notifications, creating an account and/or following them (slight stalking) on social media. To stay organized I created a folder on my cell phone called Film & Fun housing all the websites.  


My four ways to procure screening passes are through movie studios, screening outlets, station contests, and/or memberships.


  1. Movie Studios allow the general public to set up an account and receive an email alert when screening passes are available.
  2. Screening outlets are websites used by movie studios to distribute screening passes to movies and television shows.
  3. Film Society/Association Membership guarantees you screening passes for nominal yearly fees.
  4. Television, radio, and newspapers hold contest, giveaways, and redemption codes for screenings (concert tickets, plays, etc).


Below are all the websites I frequent in category order. Now it’s your turn to invest a little time and reap the rewards of what my family calls Free99!


Movie Studios:


Screening Outlets:




Station Contests:

My Screening Pass Life: Suicide Squad

While in-between projects,  I have been blessed with movie screening passes, meeting amazing artist, and attending incredible events around the city of Philadelphia. I want to let you in my journey…so here is my take on the Suicide Squad.


Memorable Quote (modified): Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. – Joker


There was a huge turnout for the Suicide Squad Screening on Monday, August 1, 2016. This DC Comic & Warner Brothers movie was worth the crazy line, fans dressed as their favorite comic book character and waiting to the end to see the glimpse of the Justice League movie. The general theme was what would you do for the person you love. Each squad member was a tenderhearted villain… Harley Quinn loves the Joker (aka Puddin), Deadshot loves his daughter and even Captain Boomerang has his Pink Unicorn (his fetish).

It was definitely more of an action movie than a love story yet in the end love was the reason for most of their decisions. So if you are in the mood for an action movie with a compassionate side… go see it starting August 5th! 😊


Our Family Squad

Brown Girl Dolls: B. Comfort & B. Cheerful

The Newest Babies In Our Brown Girl Collection:


Baby Brown: B. Comfort

Baby Brown: B. Comfort

Brown Girl Doll: B. Comfort (#0020)

Love Date: May 15, 2016
B. Comfort aka Snuggles is 10 -12” long, has a Dipped in Vanilla complexion and beautiful eyes. She is wearing a Rogue, Perfect, & Pale Pink Baby Bunting and Hat set.

Whether awake or asleep B. Comfort has a happiness about spirit about her.


Baby Brown: B. Cheerful

Baby Brown: B. Cheerful

Brown Girl Doll: B. Cheerful (#0021)

Love Date: May 15, 2016

B. Cheerful aka Sunshine is 10 -12” long, has a Dipped in Vanilla complexion and beautiful eyes. She is wearing a Lemon, Perfect, & Pale Pink Baby Bunting and Hat set.
Whether awake or asleep B. Cheerful has an optimism that radiates to those around her.


These lil ladies hammed it up for their Photo Shoot (below).