Brown Girl Doll: Petia

In December 2015, I envisioned a Brown Girl Doll wearing a Kente cloth inspired dress. I knew the primary color was gold and the rest would come over time. Yet, I haven’t had much time to work on my ideas because I was creating on behalf of my clientele.

The end of March yielded an opportunity to create the doll that lingered in my mind. After seeing the movie Miracles from Heaven, the theme stayed the same yet the design and colors changed. The movie had a crocheted mermaid doll which I fell in love with. So I began researching a mermaid dolls which led me to a mermaid dress… Bingo.  Now that the doll had a dress it was time to put pencil to graph paper, recreate a traditional kente design for the bodice, and choose the colors.

Utilizing previous research from creating Shaka’s Kente Blanket the colors blue symbolizing love and green symbolizing growth/wealth were chosen.

Shaka’s Kente Inspired Keepsake

Shaka’s Kente Inspired Keepsake

I proudly introduce to you… Petia!

Petia meaning “I love you” is the name of the gold ring given to an Ashanti Girl at betrothal and Kente clothe is worn by Ashanti Kingdom royalty. Henceforth, her name and garb.

Brown Girl Doll: Petia

Brown Girl Doll: Petia

Petia will be the first of many Brown Girl Dolls selling on our Etsy Jimise4u shop. Petia is looking for a loving home and we hope to find her one very soon.

What Can’t I Do: Quit

On Tuesday, March 15th a question was posted to me by Michael Jackson of MJM Photography Group… What “Can’t” You Do?

What can’t I do?…. Quit. I may take a breather yet I will never quit!  When what you do is truly your passion you will fight to see that doll created, that stitch mastered, and/or that cake fashioned.

I’m a Crochet Artisan/Craft Maven so learning is what I know how to do. An artisan is constantly learning as they craft. A maven is a person who has a wealth of knowledge of a particular discipline. Mavens and artisans are constantly learning something new about their medium/discipline. Yarn and synthetic fibers are a few of the mediums I use to create items.

I can honestly say, I never thought that half the things God allowed me to create were possible. I had a limited scope of what crocheting was because of the items I saw. Yet when someone, namely Renée, challenged me I would never say no. Did I want to say no? I sure did, yet there is no growth in staying complacent and with every challenge I said yes to I grew.

Saying yes to a challenge doesn’t mean you can foresee the outcome. It means that you are willing to follow a path to see a vision manifest in the material.

You can see the growth from our first popcorn stitch name blanket to our Kente themed blanket.

Anthony Josiah Popcorn Stitch Keepsake

Anthony Josiah Popcorn Stitch Keepsake


Shaka Kente Cloth Keepsake

Each time I said yes to a challenge the Creator of the universe showed me how crocheting has limitless potential.

I want to encourage all of you to never quit honing your craft, skill, and passion.

Creatively yours,

J. Monroe

Fear Be Damned: I’m Doing It Anyway

To be totally transparent I have not blogged for fear that my writing is subpar and what do I really have to say. Sometimes I feel all over the place because I have several passions not just one lazer focused interest to share. I have spent most of my life perfecting many skill sets rather the investing exclusively in one.


I have almost failed my first quarter goal of blogging every Wednesday because of constantly questioning myself. Well here goes nothing… I am going to blog anyway. If you like it, love it, or abhor it; I hope you experience my growth as a writer and see my confidence grow. That’s all I got.
You grow by stretching. So for 20(Sweet)16 I am stretching myself like never before.

Our Faith Walk

In late August 2015, I was commissioned to create a doll and I didn’t know where to start. I had never thought to make a doll because that was my grandmother’s thing. When I was a child I experienced my grandma’s faith walk. Without a pattern, YouTube, a Crochet Circle, or a concept she relied on God to show her how to craft the doll Millie (that’s me) requested.  She created “Lovie” and a passion for dolls was sparked.


I would call on her for guidance yet grandma went home February 23, 2014. That’s when I came to the realization that if grandma did it for me then I can figure this out with her. It would be God, Mother Moss, and I creating this doll.


On September 24, 2015, I posted an incomplete picture of “Lovely” our Brown Girl Doll prototype on Facebook. I was ecstatic with the results and had to share.  I was equally astonished as my friends began sharing Lovely’s picture.

Work in Progress: Lovely

Work in Progress: Lovely

I pondered for a while then asked God to allow me to craft 15 dolls by the end of year and for them to receive loving homes. He blessed me to craft 13 more dolls which all received loving homes.


My desire is to share my grandmother’s legacy not by grieving my loss yet by sharing her passion.  Crochet is our shared passion and we desire to create unique customizable Brown Girl Dolls that reflect the recipient. All our dolls are created with love and their names chosen to reflect the Spiritual Fruit.


We look forward to showcasing Brown Girl Dolls and our vast creative outlets in 2016!


And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ – Paulo Coelho


Beauty Created, Beauty Released

The same beauty I find in creating is the same beauty I have to find in letting go…

I have become anxious with every signature creation that I must release into the hands of its new owner. So much time is spent in selecting the perfect colors, graphing a customized design, crafting, implementing the proper techniques and praying it all works out.

My creativity time is really time with my Creator. Many things I create I’ve had no formal training just a passion and desire to create it. If I believe I can make it I can. So I know in these quiet times and places He guides me. I’m in awe just as much as the recipient. Many of these items I will never duplicate and that’s what makes me nervous.

Every Artwear piece is a 15-30 day commitment to see a vision come to pass.


I put the same energy into signature cupcakes, however, the commitment is shorter.


Yet once its completed its time to pass it on. I cannot allow the nervousness of relinquishing my rights to overshadow the joy of completion. When commissioned to create on behalf of a party I will never get to see the recipients facial expression which is how we normally gauge if they like it, hate it, or are indifferent. I would like to make sure they are pleased with their gift yet only God knows.

The only way I know to stop this anxiousness is to know God is leading me with every step and every step is intentional. They will see and know that He and I love and care for every aspect of creating this special gift. Bringing them joy through our creative expression is our highest priority.


Passion Driven Journey Minded,

J. Monroe

Beautifying You: Ending 2014 Stronger

As we approach the last six months of 2014, are you wearing yourself well?
In the Beauty in Being You post we discussed evaluating the character you exemplify. Character is the moral qualities we illustrate. I know it is hard to swallow yet character is tested, reinforced and grown through adversity. It is easy to be patient when no one is testing your patience. It is easy to show love when everyone loves you. It is easy to have self-control when nothing is irritating your soul. Who we believe ourselves to be must be the same person that shows up in times of adversity.

Now is the time to sit down, verify one or two character flaws, acknowledge them and grow them out like a bad perm (lol). An honest review of one’s self is character reinforcement. For instance, if you see more negative thoughts then positive thoughts about your life keep a gratitude journal. This journal is a daily log of at least three things that you’re grateful for. The goal is to find at least three new things everyday to be thankful for. And remember because words have power take the optimistic approach when being grateful. Rather than saying “I’m grateful a tree didn’t fall on me today” maybe “I’m grateful for this day”. Now if a tree almost fell on you the former would be a positive view of what would have been a negative experience… I’m just saying.

So I will go first,
Grateful For:
1. Creating a new blog post. I hope it inspires someone to grow their character.
2. Allowing myself to feel and release the animosity that attempted to derail me evening.
3. My neighbors Lashawn, Dana, and Scoop coming to visit me. They replaced the animosity with love. I am truly blessed.

Easy… simple… and it works. It’s time we put pen to paper and make our Ending Stronger than our Beginning. Romans 5:3-5!!


Preparing to 2015,

J. Monroe

God’s Creation

While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation. – Maya Angelou

Thank you Lovely Lady for allowing your life to be an extension of God’s Love. Our prayers and condolences to your friends, family and the world you changed with your presence and voice. You are loved and missed by many.

No Running Allowed

I am No Runner

I have come to the conclusion that there are those that runaway and those that are steadfast in the game of life.  For many years I would only pursue those things that I knew success was assured.  By age 10 I wanted to crochet, bake and braid skillfully.  I made no excuses rather I invested my time, and myself to become better at my crafts.  I worked on these skills religiously… why? I was determined to be one of the best at what I did. I cannot say learning these disciplines were easy yet my passion, determination and cheering sections (family, friends, strangers) encouraged me every step of the way. To my 10 year old self I had to be good at these things because my family was.

In my eyes failure was not a choice in these areas because:

My late grandmothers, Dorothy & Emma, were the best at crochet and macramé,

My mom, Ulicia, made the best peanut butter cookies,

My dad, Jimmie Lee, was an artisan,

And my aunt, Mary, was an amazing hairstylist.

Yet as we grow in age and from fearless to apprehensive we begin to doubt ourselves, our abilities, and our capacity to learn new talents/skills  based on the words of others whether true or not.  As I got older some of the same people who encouraged me began to deter me from expecting more out my skills, myself and life.  During this negative whirlwind of words I stopped being my creative self to fit in with the norm, emotional walls were built to shield me; however once not needed I did not know how to knock the walls down.  I began to retreat just enough to seem like a reserved version of myself.

In my teen years God began to expose me to more than just my small South Philadelphia and church community. Whatever my new area of interest, He granted me a common and uncommon mentor.  I received awards, accolades outside of the four walls of my community and though some of the people from my cheering section departed, it was filled with a few who truly believed in me.  God would not allow me to stay stuck behind a wall unless that’s where I wanted to live.  He offered me more and I wanted the more.73507-Just-Trust-Me-I-Have-Better-For-You

It took me until adulthood to begin to understand most children are fearless but adults project their fear of failure and/or doubt onto children. I had to allow the words that plagued me to cultivate my ability to surmount the fear of failure.   Failure is a tool for growth.  It is not a hindrance, it can be overcome, and it is necessary to produce gratefulness, humility and personal character.

People will fail you… processes will fail you… you will fail you… there is nothing to fear about failure… failure is real and it happens. Yet through it all you must allow yourself to acknowledge your failures, allow yourself to feel the emotions, embrace the newness of it, and grow in spite of it. Stand steadfast, face your failure and grow.



For you are no runner.


Creatively Yours,

J. Monroe