Trips in Luxuria


There are friends who I chose to share this Journey of Life with.  We walk, talk and share the common interest of Living Our Lives to the Fullest! My Fellow Journeyman, Tawny and I went on a quest of correction that somehow led us to Luxuria!

After some coercing, Tawny, lead me into the lovely Cella Luxuria Store.

I see this store as the most amazing showroom you will ever enter.  Our tour guide/saleperson, Adam, was gracious enough to take us around and explain some on the amazing artistry in detail.

They housed one of my favorite soy candles, Unwined and introduced me to a new brand Spitfire Girl. They also exposed me to vintage items redesigned to new innovations:

Knobstoppers, vintage door knob wine stoppers


Dreamweaver Lotus Pillow: 100% up-cycled silk neckties restructured in to soft floral arrangements


And somehow they worked strategically placed skeins of yarn into the décor. Lord knows if you can work a skein into the ambience of a room you have done something right!


This unexpected trip brought new energy to me.  I left thinking how I can incorporate my craft into my living space without it looking cluttered or overwhelming.  So, if you want to find one place that houses beautifully crafted artwork, furniture, candles, etc. and/or are in the Center City Philadelphia area go to Cella Luxuria.


Creatively Yours,


Beauty in Being You

Good Afternoon Lovely Ladies & Gents,

You have to wear yourself well. Embrace, love, esteem, and correct yourself daily. You have to evaluate the character you exemplify. Are you a person of value, valor, good morals, etc.?
First, assess who you are to you.
Second, assess how those closest to you view you.
An honest review of oneself is character reinforcement. To be a better person you have to allow yourself to grow daily.

Just My Thoughts,

Developing Creativity & Artistry

Developing Creativity & Artistry

Here’s My Penny, Blogging 101: Assignment 3

Good Day Ladies & Gents,
I would like to share with you what caused me to blog. At 36.5 years of age I watched my friend, Dennis, take on his 8 months to 30 years Challenge. He discussed what his challenge would entail and what he expected to accomplish.

That’s when the cogs started to turn… I would celebrate my 40 months to 40 years with a 40 to 40 Journey Yes, I know that it was 3.7 years yet it would be epic (I had no clue how.. yet it would be). I sat down and began to think of the areas I needed to work on, better habits I needed to foster and what type of party I would throw for myself at the end (in my head April 1st, my birthday, is a National Holiday). During this self chat I realized a blog would be the perfect to share my Journey.

Then nerves stopped me…. then indecisiveness gripped me… then I needed a website forced me… my friends suggested I blog about my baking and crafting. They helped me realize WordPress would give me the best of both worlds. So here I am. Trying my hand at something new and enjoying the journey.

I am not sure what the next 3 years will yield yet I promise to Blog about it.

35 Months to 40,

The Reveal, Blogging 101: Assignment 1

Good afternoon Lovely Ladies and Gents! I want to introduce myself and the motivation behind my blog to you.  🙂

I had this idea to share my 40 months to 40 years old Journey with the blogging universe. I was really excited and wanted to share… December 2013 came and went… and I was to shy to really jump in and do it. I had no clue what anyone would find interesting about my Journey or if it was worth writing about.  So I let a couple of months go by without pursuing my goal.

I am a Crochet Artisan (self proclaimed), Baking Enthusiast, Braider, Certified Pole Fitness Instructor, Youth Entrepreneurship Instructor… so why would I doubt that I have something to share?

Permission & Fear: I had not given myself permission to try a thing and fail.  I’m a crafter so I have perfectionist issues and I was once told I have poor writing skills…. So permission overshadowed by fear almost derailed my Journey.

I made a decision in March that I needed a website to showcase my crochet pieces and my cupcakes.  So my R5 Train friends Darnay, Tracey, and Jamel encouraged me to blog. I never shared my blogging desires with them yet here I am.

This website/blog will showcase handcrafted items, homemade confections, my experiences,  my Blogging Assignments, utilizing my entrepreneurial knowledge and desire to motivate others on a similar path.

I expect this next 35 months to be amazing, filled with immeasurable learning experiences. joy, empowerment and claiming my creativity in every area of my life.

Thank you to WordPress for the timing of the Blogging 101; which I just found out about yesterday.  I look forward to this challenge with my Journey.




Why Compromise!?!?

A few months ago a friend of mine tried to persuade me that my cupcakes needed to work around what everyone was looking for. I needed to do what would make money and not focus so hard on the purity of my craft.

What do you do when everyone does not like what you offer? How do you take criticism of what you believe is an amazing thing? You have to realize everyone should not want what you offer. Everyone is not your niche consumer. Your brand is unique, crafted to perfection and everyone is not your target audience. You have to be okay with that… It is okay.

Why is it okay? Because those how see the quality, creativity, and beauty you bring will value, admire and pay for the gift that materialized through your craft. Be diligent, determined, and prepared to love your own ideas more than the masses… You have no reason to comprise over the thoughts of a few.


Marble Cake topped with Chocolate & Raspberry Frosting

What A Difference Relationships Make

I was beyond concerned as my Birthday, April 1st, approached. With the recent loss of my grandmother I lost my Pre-Birthday weekend hangout partner and first bestie. I was not sure how I would handle missing out on our time together. I tried not to dwell on it and just let the weekend happen…

That’s when three lovely ladies stepped in… Tawny, Ana, and Mrs. Chris filled an empty space, March 29th, with love, laughter, shopping and fun on a rainy day.

I am overjoyed and want to thank these Lovely Ladies for allowing God to use them to bring happiness to my day… Fostering relationships built on love and mutual respect are necessary in all our lives.