Embracing Your Creativity


Adjustable Shawl & Hat Set

I had a dream when I was a teenager and the word “distinct” was everywhere. In the dream people told me my style was distinct. For many years I remembered that dream yet I had no clue what was “distinct” about me. I had always been an artist and sold or gave away my work. Yet what made my picture frames, gift boxes,T Shirt designs or hairstyles different from anyone else’s?

My interpretation of my craft as wearable art is distinct… I create multi-purpose pieces.

I believe we learn through practice which leads to creativity. You have to embrace your art form and put our unique signature/stamp/personal touch on it.

I will display my artwear and confections through a process I call: Contemplation to Creation.

I hope as you take this journey with me it breathes new excitement, enthusiasm, and determination to see yourself grow as an artist.

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