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Our Confections & Crafts are constantly evolving… Feel free to follow our blog, Facebook & Instagram for our newest creations and allow us to inspire you!!

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CupcakesAre created with a wow factor in mind… We want every new creation to captivate and taste amazing.

Assortment of Cupcakes

Assortment of Cupcakes

Keepsakes… Something for your love one(s) to hold onto for years to come.

Nehemiah's Keepsake

Nehemiah’s Keepsake


Artwear… Our unique pieces are fashioned for versatility.

Lulu Flapper & Tina Scarf

Lulu Flapper & Tina Scarf


Brown Girl Dolls… Our unique and customizable dolls. Loving The Skin They’re In!


2015 Collection Collage

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