Why Compromise!?!?

A few months ago a friend of mine tried to persuade me that my cupcakes needed to work around what everyone was looking for. I needed to do what would make money and not focus so hard on the purity of my craft.

What do you do when everyone does not like what you offer? How do you take criticism of what you believe is an amazing thing? You have to realize everyone should not want what you offer. Everyone is not your niche consumer. Your brand is unique, crafted to perfection and everyone is not your target audience. You have to be okay with that… It is okay.

Why is it okay? Because those how see the quality, creativity, and beauty you bring will value, admire and pay for the gift that materialized through your craft. Be diligent, determined, and prepared to love your own ideas more than the masses… You have no reason to comprise over the thoughts of a few.


Marble Cake topped with Chocolate & Raspberry Frosting

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