In Loving Memory

Vinyl on Spin: 🎼 In Loving Memory circa 1969

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

I dove into my father’s crates last night and pulled out a gem… In Loving Memory by Motown Records.


This album is a tribute to Mrs. Loucye G. Wakefield, Motown vice-president and sister of Berry Gordy. This album is the ultimate compilation of Motown’s top artists and a choir singing inspirational gospel songs. Every song exudes so much love from Harvey Fuqua “What Do You Choose” to Stevie Wonder “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”…. One of my favorite gospel choirs Voices of Tabernacle performs on this album.


This quote from the liner notes sums it up…

“This tribute to Loucye comes with the sincere hope that this album will find its way to a permanent pave among treasured collector’s albums… that it will serve as a laying memorial to Mrs. Wakefield” – Mr. Al Dunmore/Mrs. Regina O’Neal


Motivation, Inspiration & Creativity🎙,

J. Monroe 

What Can’t I Do: Quit

On Tuesday, March 15th a question was posted to me by Michael Jackson of MJM Photography Group… What “Can’t” You Do?

What can’t I do?…. Quit. I may take a breather yet I will never quit!  When what you do is truly your passion you will fight to see that doll created, that stitch mastered, and/or that cake fashioned.

I’m a Crochet Artisan/Craft Maven so learning is what I know how to do. An artisan is constantly learning as they craft. A maven is a person who has a wealth of knowledge of a particular discipline. Mavens and artisans are constantly learning something new about their medium/discipline. Yarn and synthetic fibers are a few of the mediums I use to create items.

I can honestly say, I never thought that half the things God allowed me to create were possible. I had a limited scope of what crocheting was because of the items I saw. Yet when someone, namely Renée, challenged me I would never say no. Did I want to say no? I sure did, yet there is no growth in staying complacent and with every challenge I said yes to I grew.

Saying yes to a challenge doesn’t mean you can foresee the outcome. It means that you are willing to follow a path to see a vision manifest in the material.

You can see the growth from our first popcorn stitch name blanket to our Kente themed blanket.

Anthony Josiah Popcorn Stitch Keepsake

Anthony Josiah Popcorn Stitch Keepsake


Shaka Kente Cloth Keepsake

Each time I said yes to a challenge the Creator of the universe showed me how crocheting has limitless potential.

I want to encourage all of you to never quit honing your craft, skill, and passion.

Creatively yours,

J. Monroe

Beautifying You: Ending 2014 Stronger

As we approach the last six months of 2014, are you wearing yourself well?
In the Beauty in Being You post we discussed evaluating the character you exemplify. Character is the moral qualities we illustrate. I know it is hard to swallow yet character is tested, reinforced and grown through adversity. It is easy to be patient when no one is testing your patience. It is easy to show love when everyone loves you. It is easy to have self-control when nothing is irritating your soul. Who we believe ourselves to be must be the same person that shows up in times of adversity.

Now is the time to sit down, verify one or two character flaws, acknowledge them and grow them out like a bad perm (lol). An honest review of one’s self is character reinforcement. For instance, if you see more negative thoughts then positive thoughts about your life keep a gratitude journal. This journal is a daily log of at least three things that you’re grateful for. The goal is to find at least three new things everyday to be thankful for. And remember because words have power take the optimistic approach when being grateful. Rather than saying “I’m grateful a tree didn’t fall on me today” maybe “I’m grateful for this day”. Now if a tree almost fell on you the former would be a positive view of what would have been a negative experience… I’m just saying.

So I will go first,
Grateful For:
1. Creating a new blog post. I hope it inspires someone to grow their character.
2. Allowing myself to feel and release the animosity that attempted to derail me evening.
3. My neighbors Lashawn, Dana, and Scoop coming to visit me. They replaced the animosity with love. I am truly blessed.

Easy… simple… and it works. It’s time we put pen to paper and make our Ending Stronger than our Beginning. Romans 5:3-5!!


Preparing to 2015,

J. Monroe

The Reveal, Blogging 101: Assignment 1

Good afternoon Lovely Ladies and Gents! I want to introduce myself and the motivation behind my blog to you.  🙂

I had this idea to share my 40 months to 40 years old Journey with the blogging universe. I was really excited and wanted to share… December 2013 came and went… and I was to shy to really jump in and do it. I had no clue what anyone would find interesting about my Journey or if it was worth writing about.  So I let a couple of months go by without pursuing my goal.

I am a Crochet Artisan (self proclaimed), Baking Enthusiast, Braider, Certified Pole Fitness Instructor, Youth Entrepreneurship Instructor… so why would I doubt that I have something to share?

Permission & Fear: I had not given myself permission to try a thing and fail.  I’m a crafter so I have perfectionist issues and I was once told I have poor writing skills…. So permission overshadowed by fear almost derailed my Journey.

I made a decision in March that I needed a website to showcase my crochet pieces and my cupcakes.  So my R5 Train friends Darnay, Tracey, and Jamel encouraged me to blog. I never shared my blogging desires with them yet here I am.

This website/blog will showcase handcrafted items, homemade confections, my experiences,  my Blogging Assignments, utilizing my entrepreneurial knowledge and desire to motivate others on a similar path.

I expect this next 35 months to be amazing, filled with immeasurable learning experiences. joy, empowerment and claiming my creativity in every area of my life.

Thank you to WordPress for the timing of the Blogging 101; which I just found out about yesterday.  I look forward to this challenge with my Journey.




Why Compromise!?!?

A few months ago a friend of mine tried to persuade me that my cupcakes needed to work around what everyone was looking for. I needed to do what would make money and not focus so hard on the purity of my craft.

What do you do when everyone does not like what you offer? How do you take criticism of what you believe is an amazing thing? You have to realize everyone should not want what you offer. Everyone is not your niche consumer. Your brand is unique, crafted to perfection and everyone is not your target audience. You have to be okay with that… It is okay.

Why is it okay? Because those how see the quality, creativity, and beauty you bring will value, admire and pay for the gift that materialized through your craft. Be diligent, determined, and prepared to love your own ideas more than the masses… You have no reason to comprise over the thoughts of a few.


Marble Cake topped with Chocolate & Raspberry Frosting