The Reveal, Blogging 101: Assignment 1

Good afternoon Lovely Ladies and Gents! I want to introduce myself and the motivation behind my blog to you.  🙂

I had this idea to share my 40 months to 40 years old Journey with the blogging universe. I was really excited and wanted to share… December 2013 came and went… and I was to shy to really jump in and do it. I had no clue what anyone would find interesting about my Journey or if it was worth writing about.  So I let a couple of months go by without pursuing my goal.

I am a Crochet Artisan (self proclaimed), Baking Enthusiast, Braider, Certified Pole Fitness Instructor, Youth Entrepreneurship Instructor… so why would I doubt that I have something to share?

Permission & Fear: I had not given myself permission to try a thing and fail.  I’m a crafter so I have perfectionist issues and I was once told I have poor writing skills…. So permission overshadowed by fear almost derailed my Journey.

I made a decision in March that I needed a website to showcase my crochet pieces and my cupcakes.  So my R5 Train friends Darnay, Tracey, and Jamel encouraged me to blog. I never shared my blogging desires with them yet here I am.

This website/blog will showcase handcrafted items, homemade confections, my experiences,  my Blogging Assignments, utilizing my entrepreneurial knowledge and desire to motivate others on a similar path.

I expect this next 35 months to be amazing, filled with immeasurable learning experiences. joy, empowerment and claiming my creativity in every area of my life.

Thank you to WordPress for the timing of the Blogging 101; which I just found out about yesterday.  I look forward to this challenge with my Journey.




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