Beautifying You: Ending 2014 Stronger

As we approach the last six months of 2014, are you wearing yourself well?
In the Beauty in Being You post we discussed evaluating the character you exemplify. Character is the moral qualities we illustrate. I know it is hard to swallow yet character is tested, reinforced and grown through adversity. It is easy to be patient when no one is testing your patience. It is easy to show love when everyone loves you. It is easy to have self-control when nothing is irritating your soul. Who we believe ourselves to be must be the same person that shows up in times of adversity.

Now is the time to sit down, verify one or two character flaws, acknowledge them and grow them out like a bad perm (lol). An honest review of one’s self is character reinforcement. For instance, if you see more negative thoughts then positive thoughts about your life keep a gratitude journal. This journal is a daily log of at least three things that you’re grateful for. The goal is to find at least three new things everyday to be thankful for. And remember because words have power take the optimistic approach when being grateful. Rather than saying “I’m grateful a tree didn’t fall on me today” maybe “I’m grateful for this day”. Now if a tree almost fell on you the former would be a positive view of what would have been a negative experience… I’m just saying.

So I will go first,
Grateful For:
1. Creating a new blog post. I hope it inspires someone to grow their character.
2. Allowing myself to feel and release the animosity that attempted to derail me evening.
3. My neighbors Lashawn, Dana, and Scoop coming to visit me. They replaced the animosity with love. I am truly blessed.

Easy… simple… and it works. It’s time we put pen to paper and make our Ending Stronger than our Beginning. Romans 5:3-5!!


Preparing to 2015,

J. Monroe

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