Our Faith Walk

In late August 2015, I was commissioned to create a doll and I didn’t know where to start. I had never thought to make a doll because that was my grandmother’s thing. When I was a child I experienced my grandma’s faith walk. Without a pattern, YouTube, a Crochet Circle, or a concept she relied on God to show her how to craft the doll Millie (that’s me) requested.  She created “Lovie” and a passion for dolls was sparked.


I would call on her for guidance yet grandma went home February 23, 2014. That’s when I came to the realization that if grandma did it for me then I can figure this out with her. It would be God, Mother Moss, and I creating this doll.


On September 24, 2015, I posted an incomplete picture of “Lovely” our Brown Girl Doll prototype on Facebook. I was ecstatic with the results and had to share.  I was equally astonished as my friends began sharing Lovely’s picture.

Work in Progress: Lovely

Work in Progress: Lovely

I pondered for a while then asked God to allow me to craft 15 dolls by the end of year and for them to receive loving homes. He blessed me to craft 13 more dolls which all received loving homes.


My desire is to share my grandmother’s legacy not by grieving my loss yet by sharing her passion.  Crochet is our shared passion and we desire to create unique customizable Brown Girl Dolls that reflect the recipient. All our dolls are created with love and their names chosen to reflect the Spiritual Fruit.


We look forward to showcasing Brown Girl Dolls and our vast creative outlets in 2016!


And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ – Paulo Coelho


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