Project of the Month: Wonder Woman Wrap


Welcome Lovely People and October! I am diligently working to complete this Hitchhiker Scarf. I am eager to start the Project of the Month: Wonder Women Wrap by Carissa Browning.

As you know, there is always a story behind  the projects I embark on. So, sit back and allow me to tell you this tale.


On my evening commute back into the city of Brotherly Love, I was anxiously awaiting the 17 bus to arrive and get me to Loop yarn. I was determined to get there before closing (in 30 minutes ūüėē) to purchase a second ball of yarn for my Freia One Ball Shawl.


On arrival, I made my way to the rear door of the bus and my eyes became transfixed on a red and goldish project a woman pulled out her knitting bag. Then began a Q & A like no other. ¬†What was she making? What brand of yarn was she using? How long had she been knitting the project? What yarn store does she frequent? Where is Hidden Rivers Yarn? How easy is it to get there? This woman graciously answered all my questions and have me a brief overview of your back story. Yet I didn’t have time to ask her name before exiting the bus and embarking on an impromptu mini shopping spree. Later, I would find out the woman’s name is Anjeanette,


Once at Loop I purchased yarn for both projects.  For the Freia One Ball Shawl I chose…… to compliment the….  yarn.  For the Wonder Women Wrap I chose Knitted Wit Victory Sock yarn in Sunshine, Hedgehog Fibre Sock yarn in Sin. Both yarns are fingering weight, 80% Superwash merino and 20% Nylon.


Most of the time, I bring my projects along on my daily commute. Yet the Wonder Women Wrap is a stationary project because I have to learn new stitches in order to craft this creation. So, this is where you come in, I’m going to go live on Periscope every Tuesday until this lovely project is completed. Let’s call this our personal Craft-Along/Yarn Circle! The best part is that you can knit or crochet this pattern.


Ditch That Thought:

So because I’m getting to post this so late in the month I have already knitted the wrap and I got to meet up with Anjeanette to make sure I was on the right track. ¬†I completed the Wonder Woman Wrap in 7 days as a commuter project, stressed my eyes and my knitting community while doing it.



If you didn’t know I can be a little intense and extreme at times. ¬†For instance, I changed from Sunshine Knitted Wit Victory Sock yarn to Pollen Hedgehog Fibre Sock yarn because I did not have time to go home and get the skein; so rushed to Loop at brought a hank of Pollen. I promise to use the Sunshine Knitted Wit Victory Sock yarn in a future post.



This wrap is one of the prettiest things I have knitted.




Would you be interested in a monthly yarn-along? What type of projects are you currently working on?

My Screening Pass Life: Baby Driver

Baby Driver… in theaters June 28th


I was blessed with Baby Driver screening passes in the beginning of June. For once I am not going to discuss the movie… I am fascinated by the soundtrack.  I have never experienced a movie the made me want to see it again just to listen to the music in it.  There were at least 30 songs in this movie and all of them epic.  This movie had me musically captivated from the opening scene when Baby played Bellbottoms by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on his iPod. I was orgasmically intrigued when the Incredible Bongo Band Bongo Rock album was part of product placement. This movie was setting up a name-that-tune/found-the-record nostalgic overload in my brain. As I sat in the dark theater attempting to write down every song I heard clearly know it was an impossible task yet that never deterred me.  Baby Driver is a brilliant movie, action packed, and full of redemption yet the music.. My goodness the music!!!

Memorable Music:  Deborah by T Rex, Easy by The Commodores, Neat Neat Neat by The Damned, Brighton Rock by Queen, etc. 


Did you prefer the movie, the soundtrack, or both? Let us know in the comments.


My Screening Pass Life: Suicide Squad

While in-between projects, ¬†I have been blessed with movie screening passes, meeting amazing artist, and attending incredible events around the city of Philadelphia. I want to let you in my journey…so¬†here is my take on the Suicide Squad.


Memorable Quote (modified): Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. – Joker


There was a huge turnout for the Suicide Squad Screening on Monday, August 1, 2016. This DC Comic & Warner Brothers movie was worth the crazy line, fans dressed as their favorite comic book character and waiting to the end to see the glimpse of the Justice League movie. The general theme was what would you do for the person you love. Each squad member was a tenderhearted villain… Harley Quinn loves the Joker (aka Puddin), Deadshot loves his daughter and even Captain Boomerang has his Pink Unicorn (his fetish).

It was definitely more of an action movie than a love story yet in the end love was the reason for most of their decisions.¬†So if you are in the mood for an action movie with a compassionate side‚Ķ go see it starting August 5th! ūüėä


Our Family Squad

Brown Girl Dolls: B. Comfort & B. Cheerful

The Newest Babies In Our Brown Girl Collection:


Baby Brown: B. Comfort

Baby Brown: B. Comfort

Brown Girl Doll: B. Comfort (#0020)

Love Date: May 15, 2016
B. Comfort aka Snuggles is 10 -12‚ÄĚ long, has a Dipped in Vanilla complexion and beautiful eyes. She is wearing a Rogue, Perfect, & Pale Pink Baby Bunting and Hat set.

Whether awake or asleep B. Comfort has a happiness about spirit about her.


Baby Brown: B. Cheerful

Baby Brown: B. Cheerful

Brown Girl Doll: B. Cheerful (#0021)

Love Date: May 15, 2016

B. Cheerful aka Sunshine is 10 -12‚ÄĚ long, has a Dipped in Vanilla complexion and beautiful eyes. She is wearing a Lemon, Perfect, & Pale Pink Baby Bunting and Hat set.
Whether awake or asleep B. Cheerful has an optimism that radiates to those around her.


These lil ladies hammed it up for their Photo Shoot (below).

Our Faith Walk

In late August 2015, I was commissioned to create a doll and I didn’t know where to start. I had never thought to make a doll because that was my grandmother’s thing. When I was a child I experienced my grandma’s faith walk. Without a pattern, YouTube, a Crochet Circle, or a concept she relied on God to show her how to craft the doll Millie (that’s me) requested. ¬†She created “Lovie” and a passion for dolls was sparked.


I would call on her for guidance yet grandma went home February 23, 2014. That’s when I came to the realization that if grandma did it for me then I can figure this out with her. It would be God, Mother Moss, and I creating this doll.


On September 24, 2015, I posted an incomplete picture of “Lovely” our Brown Girl Doll prototype on Facebook. I was ecstatic with the results and had to share. ¬†I was equally astonished as my friends began sharing Lovely’s picture.

Work in Progress: Lovely

Work in Progress: Lovely

I pondered for a while then asked God to allow me to craft 15 dolls by the end of year and for them to receive loving homes. He blessed me to craft 13 more dolls which all received loving homes.


My desire is to share my grandmother’s legacy not by grieving my loss yet by sharing her passion. ¬†Crochet is our shared passion and we desire to create unique customizable Brown Girl Dolls that reflect the recipient. All our dolls are created with love and their names chosen to reflect the Spiritual Fruit.


We look forward to showcasing Brown Girl Dolls and our vast creative outlets in 2016!


And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ – Paulo Coelho


Beauty in Being You

Good Afternoon Lovely Ladies & Gents,

You have to wear yourself well. Embrace, love, esteem, and correct yourself daily. You have to evaluate the character you exemplify. Are you a person of value, valor, good morals, etc.?
First, assess who you are to you.
Second, assess how those closest to you view you.
An honest review of oneself is character reinforcement. To be a better person you have to allow yourself to grow daily.

Just My Thoughts,

Developing Creativity & Artistry

Developing Creativity & Artistry