My Screening Pass Life: Baby Driver

Baby Driver… in theaters June 28th


I was blessed with Baby Driver screening passes in the beginning of June. For once I am not going to discuss the movie… I am fascinated by the soundtrack.  I have never experienced a movie the made me want to see it again just to listen to the music in it.  There were at least 30 songs in this movie and all of them epic.  This movie had me musically captivated from the opening scene when Baby played Bellbottoms by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on his iPod. I was orgasmically intrigued when the Incredible Bongo Band Bongo Rock album was part of product placement. This movie was setting up a name-that-tune/found-the-record nostalgic overload in my brain. As I sat in the dark theater attempting to write down every song I heard clearly know it was an impossible task yet that never deterred me.  Baby Driver is a brilliant movie, action packed, and full of redemption yet the music.. My goodness the music!!!

Memorable Music:  Deborah by T Rex, Easy by The Commodores, Neat Neat Neat by The Damned, Brighton Rock by Queen, etc. 


Did you prefer the movie, the soundtrack, or both? Let us know in the comments.


My Screen Pass Life, Exposed

Good Day Lovely People!

Thanks to my extended family I have entered the world of Movie Screening Connoisseurs.  In the span of five months I have attended twenty-nine pre-screenings. My gateway into this lifestyle was through receiving extra tickets from family members. They would offer any additional tickets they could not use on social media. Soon I began inquiring about how they received passes so they sent me links to websites offering screening passes. I keep a list of most of the websites, subscribing to their newsletters, email notifications, creating an account and/or following them (slight stalking) on social media. To stay organized I created a folder on my cell phone called Film & Fun housing all the websites.  


My four ways to procure screening passes are through movie studios, screening outlets, station contests, and/or memberships.


  1. Movie Studios allow the general public to set up an account and receive an email alert when screening passes are available.
  2. Screening outlets are websites used by movie studios to distribute screening passes to movies and television shows.
  3. Film Society/Association Membership guarantees you screening passes for nominal yearly fees.
  4. Television, radio, and newspapers hold contest, giveaways, and redemption codes for screenings (concert tickets, plays, etc).


Below are all the websites I frequent in category order. Now it’s your turn to invest a little time and reap the rewards of what my family calls Free99!


Movie Studios:


Screening Outlets:




Station Contests: